I cannot turn on my laptop. What should I replace?

I'm trying to bring back my dead 2010 Macbook Pro 15 for my normal daily usage. So far, I'm thinking of changing the battery and upgrading to SSD. I have already upgraded it to 8GB last time.

I wanna check if this is worth trying because I don't actually know what is the problem with my MBP since it won't start. I was hoping I could get some input from you guys:

My observation:

  • I think the battery doesn't hold charge anymore. When I pressed the battery indicator light, the light is blinking (green colour).
  • The charger light is showing green light.
  • I left the charger plugged to the MBP and I don't know how but it will turn up but dies 1 second afterwards (I noticed this happened like every 30-40 minutes of being plugged in).
  • I tried the PRAM and SMC reset (not sure whether that would help, but I tried it anyway), nothing happen.
  • I removed the battery and still it won't start. Looked up online and saw the SMC reset, still it doesn't turn on.

Please advice on whether I should get a replacement battery or my MBP is way beyond saving.

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To be clear here the battery tester on your system is only showing one blinking LED (out of 8)?


Can you give us some additional background information when the system had stopped working. Did you get the system wet or have a liquid spill? Did you drop or bang the system?


Dan, all 8 LED lights are blinking. To be honest, I don’t remember much since I stored it away. If I recalled correctly, my macbook battery cannot hold any charge and I had to rely on charger to use it. If I knock the charger, it will turn off. The system was alright and there were no physical damage to the laptop.


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