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Fourth generation Honda Civic

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Headboard lights don't turn on.

When I turn on my car the headboard lights don't turn on i can't see my speedometer nothing. How do I fix it? Change Bulb? Fuse? HELP!

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Have you checked that the Panel Brightness Control Dial (or Dimmer switch as it is more commonly known) is turned up to maximum and that it has not be turned all the way down?

It is a bit hard to see in the image but it is on the dashboard to the left behind the steering wheel.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

Are your tail lights working OK?

If they're also not working then check the fuse (in the fuse block under the dash) as the dashlight and the tail light share the same fuse.

If the tail lights work OK then this link may be of some help.

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