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Released November 4, 2017. Model A1865, A1901. Available as GSM or CDMA / 64 or 256 GB / Silver or Space Gray. (Pronounced the same as "iPhone 10.")

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How to prevent the X model from cracks on the screen?

I am a rather fidget person and I can easly broke the screen in my new iphone, what can I do to secure it better?

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Hold on here! The phone is made with Corning's Gorilla glass! What you want is a good case and maybe a screen cover.


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I'd say a case and a screen protector is a good place to start.

Cases on Apple's site

Some screen protector that is cheap and looks halfway decent.

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Stick with a case that also covers the screen like Apples Folio case.


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Get a Glass Screen Protector and Glass Screen Protector for your device. If you are not used to use it, get an Apple Care+ for your device.

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