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The Samsung UN55KS9000F 55-inch 4K SUHD TV is a flat panel 2160P TV. Released from Samsung in 2016. Model number: UN55KS9000FXZA.

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My TV keeps switching off and on again when first started

My TV keeps switching off and on again when first started. Can I rectify this without the need to take to an engineer.

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I've just started to experience this with my UN55KS8000F; I also believe it's related to the power board, due to the consistent power-cycling. I'll add that just before the TV developed this issue, the image on the screen faded to a greenish tint before powering-down. All user-level troubleshooting thus far has not solved the problem.[br]


Troubleshooting performed so far:[br]


1) unplugging TV, letting set for a few minutes, plugging back in

2) unplugging TV, holding power button for 10+ seconds, letting set for a few minutes, plugging back in[br]

3) during power cycling, holding power button for 10+ seconds, letting set, plugging back in[br]

4) disconnecting the HDMI on the mini one-connect, and repeating troubleshoot #1[br]

5) disconnecting the mini one-connect completely, and repeating troubleshoot #1[br]


Nothing has worked thus far and the issue remains entirely.[br]


I’m going to get my DDM to start testing inside the unit, as well as look for any damaged components. I’ll let you know what I find.


Any joy as yet? My TV UE55NU7172U has just started doing this.


@dankirven ... does this happen when switched on by remote or onboard buttons or both?


@jostewcrew both buddy


@dankirven ... if you can remove the back cover and gain access to your boards.....youll see a ribbon cable coming from the main board to the ir sensor to the tv's bezel. disconnect this. also, youll see another ribbon cable that leads to the onboard control buttons. disconnect this as well. with both of these disconnected, try to see if the tv will remain on. this will rule out if it is these two boards before moving on. if you find that this solves the issue, replace one connection back at a time to see when ot starts to malfunction again. this will be the issue when it does. if it still happens with both disconnected, reply back for further instructions.


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My best bet is having to replace the power board. This issue happens a lot to samsung tvs from my experience and stories.

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