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Released March 2006, identified by model D620 on the keyboard bezel.

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dell d620 not trying to start

ok, so my Dell d620 won't power on, i bought a new battery and adapter just in case that was the issue and still wouldn't power on, ill hold the button for 30-45 seconds and the lights won't even come on the fan dosent start its like its dead, but the battery has power, the adapter works on my other laptops, any help would be appreciated

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if your battery has charge, and the device wont even show a sign of life, you likely need a logic board replacement. unless you have a background in board troubleshooting, and can find/repair the failure on the board itself.

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thanks for the answer


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If it is not getting power then I would start with the ac/dc jack on the laptop.You can start with a muttimeter by measuring resistance and making sure you are getting a good connection. This jack seems to be soldered to the board so replacing it may take some elbow grease.

Testing the Jack

Here is a video on how to disassemble

Update (01/09/2018)

Here is a video on desoldering the old jack and adding a new jack to the board.

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