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The first model of the iMac line of personal computers made by Apple. The iMac G3 was produced between 1998 and 2003.

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Glow or light up

I've been given an iMac G3 which is almost perfect. I've put OS 9.2.3 on it which runs fine.

The only problem is the blue shell does not light up or glow?

Searching the Web I came across a statement that there was a bulb somewhere near the round plastic handle but I can't see one.

Anyone know how to get it glowing again please?

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Thanks for your help - I must have believed some hype Apple Advert I saw in 1998!


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I was looking up teardown of this particular model and I can't see anywhere the above mentioned light.

If you can provide me the link where you found that it was glowing at some point there is always a way to fix by the way could be steep because of the age of the machine.

You can look up how hard it's even to open this thing up:

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That's modding, the MAC didn't have that built in.


You can send the MAC to experienced electrician/computer scientist if you want that the light is powered from inside from the computer. If you want to do it yourself without knowledge for computer science and electricity you can drill(somehow make) the hole and push the led strip inside powering it from outside with a cable.


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I thought they were sold in a range of different colours and lit or glowed from new not that they had to be modified?


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