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The DeLonghi ESAM family of products is a line of automatic coffee machines for making lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, and other drinks. Look for the model number ESAMxxxx on a sticker on the back or bottom of the device.

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My Delonghi 3300 is not making espresso.

When i push the button to make espresso on my 3 year old Delonghi 3300, water sometimes comes out of the frothing wand instead of espresso. It does not do this all the time, just periodically. I have checked hoses for blockage and replaced O rings.

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Thank you for your response. I spoke to someone who told me how to determine the number of espresso shots that the machine has made. Mine is over 27,000. In addition, with the machine off he had me open the front door, take out the brewer unit and look at the yellow cylinder at top right. This had water in it, which I guess is not good.

Based on number of shots made and repairs needed I ordered a new machine. I'm now on my 3d Magnifica.


27000 in three years - not bad!

Yes, the yellow cylinder is what I called upper piston, and yes it seems to be the reason oft your issue. Give it a try, open it, its not too difficult. Use this site

and download

Google translate ( or I) will help you.


So I decided to just buy another Delonghi 3300. I noticed I have a small pile of grounds inside the machine between the infuser and container that collects the used pods. Why and is this something I should have looked at?


@vauweh do you know where can i find the screw for the clamping piece? Thank you for the link to the guide. I stripped the screw for the clamping piece.


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Hmm. I see two possibilities: (1) a common issue with this device is a clogged ( Calcium) upper piston. The standard decalcification does not reach it. Fill a good decalcification fluid in the waterreservoir. Press both buttons for cleaning and grindet coffee at least for 3 seconds. The esam starts with a cleaning program which also reaches the piston. (2) Perhaps you have to change the valve for steam/hot water.

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I have a similar problem... Water does not come out of the coffee spouts at boot-up (rinse cycle) or when attempting to make coffee.

Below is a list of tests I have ran as well as a view showing the machine's behavior from boot through coffee cycle.


- Water DOES come out of the steam wand, steam works as well.

- No water spills inside the machine.

- I have replaced the flow-meter, this did not fix the issue.

- I have used a multi-meter to test the wires between the flow meter and the mainboard they are crimped securely and provide solid continuity.

Something clogged between the Generator and the Brew Unit is my best guess.

Here's a video of my machine cycling:


My guess is a clogged upper piston. To give you an idea, what to do, see the iFixit guide for DeLonghi Etam. But Esam is different. Here a guide for Esam.


This is my favorite dealer. Well, it's in german, but Google Translate is your friend. Look für DeLonghi-esam3000b-Schrauben und Klammern. Is it the item #62942D ? This is a common plastic screw.


@vauweh Thanks for the tip.. much appreciated. I'm cleaning and descaling it all now.


@Andy Theimer Hi Andy, I have the same problem. How did you end up fixing it? Thanks!


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Good and often decalcification and general cleaning inside the machine will prevent most issues. When water, (some but not much) comes out of the steamer when it’s not supposed to (e.g. during the brewing process), the first thing to check is the steamer assembly (behind the control panel) including where the water “hose” that feeds the steamer is coming from. But generally speaking, regular decalcification/cleaning is the best prevention.

ALSO, if anyone knows a website how to calibrate the coffee grinder, please let me know my email is R1100R (at) gmail (dot) com (<— written this way to deter spamming). I am not talking about the external rotating button in the hoopper that goes from 1 to 7 in about 13 clicks. I mean the entire assembly underneath. I had to remove it and clean thoroughly as some beans were stuck in there and blocking the machine from working. Apparently there is a “trick” putting the grinding mechanism back together which I am not aware of. Help me please if you can.

There is only one service location in my area (NW Chicago subburbs), but it is ~2 hours away from me, it is not a DeLonghi facility but a 3rd party company, and they charge an arm and a leg (~$100 just to walk in the door to drop off the machine (they call it “diagnostic fee”) plus another $100 per hour labor, plus of course extra for parts which they do not have all of them always available. I love my ESAM3300 but service and parts is such a big problem. When this one kicks the bucket I am trying a different brand for sure.

Thank you!

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