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The VG248QE is a 24-inch gaming monitor released by Asus in January 2013. It runs at 144 Hz and supports Nvidia 3D Vision.

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Red pixels show up randoming, covering almost the entire screen.

I just bought this new monitor and it was working just fine until recently. Every so often this weird, red pixel “filter” goes over the screen. You can clearly see what is actually on the monitor, but it interferes with work and games. It just shouldn’t be there.

Graphics card is a GTX 1070 8G and I am using the DVI port not the HDMI

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Hi Jeff,

Have you tried using an HDMI cable with your monitor instead? Also, have you tried plugging in your computer to another working monitor with the DVI cable? This will help us narrow down if it's your video card or the monitor.

- Jasen

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