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Collection of repair and disassembly guides for DJ Controllers.

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Repair DJ Controller after using the wrong power adapter?

I used the wrong power adapter to my DJ controller so when I switched it on there was a pop and some crackle. I quickly turned it off but a burnt smell followed. I plugged it into my mac with a usb and it does switch on, but does not function.

I have opened it and tried looking for anything that looks odd. Having not looked inside very many electronic units before the only thing I could find was what I have marked with red on the attached photos. Small "bubbles" on some of the "square things" :) (what are they called?) I read somewhere it could be the polarity protection fuse that has blown, but I have no idea what that looks like.

This is a brand new unit so I feel pretty sad. Is this something I can easily fix myself - with some help from this wonderful community?

Thank you.

Block Image

Block Image

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Give it to a qualified technician so he can change the GL852GC processor IC.


Thanks Victor. I don't have a lot of money. Would it be expensive?


Hi am Shaun and I have a problem with my dj controller nurmark mixtrack Pro 2 the crossfaders is jumping a round can you fix it


Gemini g4v controller

No power strack

Please help me


No power

How to solutions


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Hi @jayesssi you mentioned it is a new set, is there any warranty???

consider sending in for service if so.

do you have a multimeter with you?

you might also need to check the circuit board at the back... there could be some electronics components behind too.

else if you wanna fix it up and btw the chip on the first pics


USB 2.0 MTT Hub Controller

take more pictures of the other IC chip,

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Wow! Thanks for the fast answer and info :)

Ok, there should be a warranty, will check, but does the warranty cover me messing up?

If not: I have access to a multimeter, but will have to read up on how to use newbie.

So you agree the chip on the first photo looks fried?

What is "the other IC chip"?

Thank you!


Hi @jayesssi, then just try sending to warranty replacement, update us.

Just say it does not operate well, and do not mentioned about opening the set up and adapters.

and yes, the chip is toasted.

the other IC chip is the picture you provided below, just that it is too small to be seen.


OK. Great! Will try the warranty replacement to start with. If that doesn't work I will be back with more and better photos of IC chip. Thanks so much :)


Gosh. I totally forgot about this. There was no warranty for this kind of problem. Are you still available to take a look if I take some new pics?


@jayesssi yes more pictures is good


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