Keyboard and trackpad not working

Hello everyone, I am new to iFixit Answers, so I hope I am doing this right :) .

I currently own a 15" MacBook Pro (early 2013 2,7 GHz i7), but I am having some problems with it. I contacted Apple and they told me to go to an Apple Store or certified service provider. I guess that would be a very expensive way of fixing the problems, so I hope I can get some help here!

The problems I am having are that my trackpad and keyboard are not working. Only the power button does. I read on iFixit that there exists a problem where the trackpad cable is faulty. macOS then checks for the trackpad and does not activate the keyboard until a trackpad is recognised. I also read that this could be fixed by replacing the trackpad cable.

My question is: how can I be sure/check that the trackpad cable is the cause of the problem?

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Yeah, this issue pops up a lot, IMO enough that Apple should do something official about it.

There are two ways you can check the trackpad cable. One is to open up your MacBook and reseat the cable. Check "Logic Board Replacement" guide for your machine and just pay attention to step 25; I'm pretty sure the cable is accessible without taking everything else apart. Reseat and try it out. If it works, yay. If not, then your next step would be to get a replacement trackpad and cable (ebay, ~$30), disconnect your current one, connect the new one, and test. If it works then you'll need to do a motherboard removal to replace the trackpad assembly.

If it STILL doesn't work then you're at the mercy of chaos. AFAIK there's no single known solution to this; people have fixed this with clean-installing the OS, resetting the power manager, resetting the PRAM, replacing the motherboard, and maybe sacrificing a chicken. I would start by clean-installing the OS on an external drive, boot from it, and see if it works.


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