The Razer Phone is the first generation phone by Razer released in November 2017.

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Can you replace the battery?

If so how much does it cost?

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As the phone is so new I don't think anyone has even access to the battery for it. I would recommend you get it serviced under warranty as I'm sure this would be covered.

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It is a new phone, why you should replace a new battery now?

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It was a question on whether to get longer warranty (comes with 1 year, but can upgrade to 3 year for $138). Because if i could replace the battery maybe spending the more to get warranty wouldnt be a problem, cause it was $800 for the phone, then $950 with warranty and freight protection and shippin so i was like eh.. but its fine now Dan helped me :)


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Not, i’ve been have an issue with the battery (bloated).

Razer Support :

they doesnt have battery replacement service program and offering me to replace with new unit

(free if claimed under warranty or cost u almost same as you bought new phone)

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