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Model number NX785QC8G, released in 2014. RK3188 Quad core ARM Cortex A9/1.6GHz Processor, 1GB DDR RAM.

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How come I can't update my apps becuz it say insufficient space

When I go to Google play services where it tell u to update all installed app , when I do that I get down to about 8 apps and it says insufficient space

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Hi @missyt123 ,

It means that you don't not have enough storage space left in your tablet. It only has 8GB of internal storage.

Check in Settings > Storage to see how much space you have left.

If you have a lot of pictures or music stored on your tablet you can free up space in your internal storage area by inserting a SD Card (up to 32GB) and then transfer them from the internal storage to the SD Card, thereby allowing the apps to be installed/updated in the internal storage area

You may also be able to move some apps to the SD card but be aware not all apps can be moved.

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