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A1708 / EMC 2978 — Released October 2016, this entry-level MacBook Pro retains its traditional function keys (as opposed to the OLED Touch Bar). The function key version packs an Intel Core i5 and two Thunderbolt 3 ports.

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MacBook Pro 13 late 2016 a1708 (EFI Firmware)

Hello! There is a MacBook about 13, the end of 2016. Due to the fact that my computer was blocked, I had to change the efi, now I can freely enter the aiklaud. But there were problems. worth the mac image. does not show the year of issue and serial number. how can you solve the problem? Tell me please

Block Image

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A blocked system is likely stolen!


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You'll need to visit an Apple Store for them to reset the systems serial number.

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Although I am not sure about how to solve it, I believe you can get the serial number that should be printed on the bottom. as apple says: "You can find the serial number and other identifiers for your MacBook Pro in macOS, on the computer's surface, and on its packaging."

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