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The HTC Desire is the first smartphone of the Desire series developed by HTC.

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Bluetooth and auto rotate doesn't work

My HTC 626 auto rotate hasn't worked properly for months but now the Bluetooth has stopped working. It can't find any devices. I did a self diagnosis on the "Bluetooth test" and "G-sensor test" and it says..."range error" ...."G-sensor fail". (the Bluetooth speaker was right nest to phone during test and phone was on flat surface) Any Ideas on how to self fix??

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Wow... that's a pretty old phone...

Considering that your phone is nearly a whole seven years old, and one of the first ever Android phones to exist, I think that it's a bit beyond repair by now.

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Thanks Edison. I know it's old but was hoping to find a fix for it. I can't really afford a 400 + phone right now. Thank you anyway.


Have you tried re-calibrating the gyroscope sensor?

Hopefully the feature is on your phone:


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