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A Sony camera in the HX series of the Cyber-shot line.

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Sony dsc Hx30v vibrating

My sony dsc hx30v is vibrating intermittently. But everything is working fine. I am just bothered with the vibrations. Help

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Not sure if yours is the same problem as mine. I believe my own is connected to the image stabilization capacity of the unit. How mine manifests is by the image in the viewfinder often switching it's own view of the subject in a quick up an down motion combined with an annoying clicking sound. I mostly use the camera for video so this renders most things I shoot appearing as if an earthquake is in progress. Sometimes the problem isn't present like when using a tripod but it happens for most handheld things I do. The error code which commonly comes up which I'm assuming is in reference to this is E:62:11.

I'll update this response if I figure out my own problem and I hope what I said here is somehow beneficial to you.

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The same exact thing is happening to my camera HX50V. It's is difficult to record videos with more than 5x zoom. It is also occurring when taking pictures. Not sure how to fix this major hiccup. Can't find any info on it online.

Did you find a solution ?

Would like to keep using this camera. The picture quality is not great, but the 30x optical zoom is great. Extended warranty from BestBuy expired, wish I could have had it repaired for this. It is happening all the time now. Thanks.


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