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The Mavic Pro is a foldable, compact drone with 4K video capabilities, first released in November 2016. The model number is M1P and its controller model is GL200A.

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Where I can buy a service repair manual for the dji mavic pro

Crashed my mavic for the first time. Accidently hit the return home button and panicked. Long story short hit a tree and fell 30 feet. Gimbal is erratic and front vision sensor error. Just wondering if there was a service/ repair manual to refer during the repair.

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you can use Ifixit website they have repair manuals for almost everything!!!!

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I'm looking for more of a tangible book that I can refer too.


I think you can find it online


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iFixit has plenty of guides from fellow owners!

DJI Mavic Pro Repair

Also, if DJI has a manual from the manufacturer it should be on the website

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They don't, therefore it isn't.


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