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Flashed wrong recovery,got into boot loop

I cant get into the recovery mode.there is nothing working in my tablet.when i power on it will show the mediapd logo..then stay on that screen and switches off automatically there something i can do?

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there is a high likelyhood the device is bricked if you cant reaccess the download moad. in order to fix a bricked device, you would need to buy a Jtag, and flash it with that.

your cheaper option would be to send it to a shop that already has one, and the ability to use it.

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If you flash a wrong image into the recovery partition, you must try to start into the fastboot mode.

I believe the adb device driver is still on the PC available. After connect, you can reflash the recovery via

>fastboot flash recovery <image. name. of the right recovery>

which is in the best case in the same directory as flashboot on your PC.

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