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Repair guides and information for the HP 250 G3, a budget laptop released by HP in 2014.

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Power Button wont turn on but will turn off laptop

This laptop won't turn on with power button but will turn it off, Also noticed power button doesn't light up, I turned it on by shorting the power board connector underneath keyboard

Any help would be much appreciated

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Hi @a_star_repairs ,

When you say "turn it off", do you have to hold the button for a while like when you need to perform a "force shutdown"?

Can you turn off the laptop in the normal manner by using the options available from the desktop icons i.e shutdown from Start > Power?

It may be that the power button is faulty in that when you press to start there is insufficient contact for a start but a prolonged "press" allows the contact to make , but a long press also equals a force shutdown, therefore it won't start.

Can you measure the power button contact resistance using an Ohmmeter?

Just a thought.


Yhea i replaced power button on it in April for customer, then bought it of customer last week so no deadline and in middle of moving so sorry for slow reply

The button seems to work when pressed (not held down) after it is powered on via short of pins, i will check with multi meter for resistance, power button light will not light up once running, Could the led prevent the button from working, will check if voltage is teaching led too ? Will order another replacment soon as i agree it probably needs replaced (Again)

Update Power button has a resistance on 0.5 ohm


Hi @a_star_repairs ,

Don't know the laptop so this is just a general response.

Is the power button cable connector a "keyed" or "slotted" type connector, i.e. only inserts in one direction? If not, then yes a LED can affect things because it is in essence a diode. If possible try inserting the connector in the reverse direction.


It is a zif connector


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Sounds like you need a new power button. Part no Ls-a991p will get you the button and the cable.

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Deffo gonna replace again, 99.9% Sure should fix


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