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How is Verizon capable of blocking the *#0*# diagnostics menu

Just curious on how Verizon can embed software into phones to block *#0*# and *#7343*# diagnostics menu and why do so.

Does flashing with any firmware bypass this with odin?

It just makes testing so much easier when this is available.

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@andre_faughn . Which Samsung phone do you have?

Yes, Verizon has final say what goes into the firmware on Samsung phones that they sell.

Tmobile and AT&T do the same.

It also could be that Samsung has retired the codes you mentioned and changed the access code for the diagnostic menu, or Verizon disabled them as you suggested. A very good reason why it would be disabled or changed is because Galaxy 2 ,3, 4, and early 5, had a specific order you go through the menu and it would unlock the phone permanently. Obviously, the telecoms aren't happy about this, especially when these phones are sold at a discounted price.

Alternate ROMs may have these codes still.

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That makes sense, I was just curious to why and how they do it, being the only carrier that limits that capability. I do repairs for a company with 14 stores who sell used phones so its pretty much every model I work with. Thank you for the information I really appreciate it.


@andre_faughn no problem. I have a Galaxy S8+ that was originally Verizon FW, and I followed a reddit thread on how to flash to stock unlocked FW. This brought back the diagnostic command.


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I know this is an old thread, but I haven’t had much luck on this. I have an UNLOCKED S10+ on Verizon. I bought it directly from Samsung, and it is clearly unlocked. I am unable to access the diagnostic codes on the Verizon network. I didn’t think of trying it before I put their SIM in. I have tried it after clearing the partition cache , SIM in, SIM out, even in safe mode and every combination thereof. How does Verizon block it that way? Is it possible to bypass it? I’ve talked to Verizon Tier 2 CS and they were unable to help. My local store wasn’t much help either. Any ideas?

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*#0*# is not working

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