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The BLU Life XL can be identified by its model number: L050U. This smartphone was released January 2016, has a octa/quad core processor, Wi-Fi capability and a 13 mega-pixel rear facing camera.

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I get unfortunately settings has stopped

i factory reset phone and can not get past this

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I was clearing out my data on my safelink phone. And then the next day or two it has shown a pop-up that said that my launched has unfortunately stopped and then I factory reset it and now I can't do anything.can you help me please


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I had this exact problem with my BLU Advance. Here's how I got around it:

If the "Settings have Stopped" error is preventing the phone from being setup:

Go through Setup adding the Google account login, continue until you get to the point of the error.

Turn off the phone, take out the SD card and the SIM card.

Turn back on and go through setup without connecting to the wireless (skip). If you are already connected to wireless, forget the network so it has no way to get to the internet. The setup will complain that it can't connect and ask if you want to continue anyway. Agree to that and get to the home screen. Then turn the phone off and insert the SIM and the SD. Turn back on and it shouldn't go through the Welcome again. :-)

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You helped me with my problem,, and now I know how to factory reset my phone now...


I &&^&^$^ love You. You saved me. Love


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