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The Nissan Navara is the name for the D22 and D40 generations of Nissan pickup trucks sold in Asia and Europe; and the name for all generations of the vehicles in Australia. In North, Central and South America it is sold as the Nissan Frontier.

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Changed battery and I am having other control problems

I went to Advance Auto to replace the original battery on my 2011 Nissan Frontier SV 4 wd v6. They plugged in a box into the OBI 2 port. Changed the battery but the positive wasn't tight and when we went to check it pinged and wouldn't start. He took off the positive and retightened. The truck started, but the blower motor was on full and couldn't be controlled. The gauges do not initially work well but after a few seconds they work. Also some small things didn't work, open door alarm, ect. They then changed the fusible link on the positive cable, no change. If you use the power pack on the OBD2 port everything works fine. Remove it and the problems show. What could be the problem? - fuse somewhere to OBD2 port? Looked at all 3 fuse box locations and they seemed fine.

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It was a fuse that controlled the OBD2 port - all fixed

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Where or what was it called in the fuse box


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I have this same issue after changing my battery. How was this fixed? Where was the OBD fuse?

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