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Information and repair instructions for Hotpoint Refrigerator

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Side by side leaking from inside refrigerator side door

My Hotpoint side by side has an occasional leak from inside of the refrigerator side door. It is not on the freezer side and it is not a clogged defrost drain. What is the water coming from?

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If the leak is inside the fresh food door it would have to be from ambient/warm air getting in. I would check the door gasket for any tears or wrinkles that will keep it from sealing. Completely inspect the gasket. Check the corners real good. Also, check the area that the door meets the box. Is the gasket covering all openings? Sometimes the door will hang down to low and leave a gap at the top of box and gasket. Check the bottom of the door. Not many people like to get down there to clean it, then the gasket sticks to all the spills that drip down and that tears the gasket. Follow the water trail. Your door liner could be cracked. On the inside of the door, look for cracks. There are several products available at most hardware stores that will seal cracks in plastics. JB weld has a good one for plastic. Follow the directions. If the door is hanging too low and leaving a gap at top, you will need to replace or add a nylon washer to the bottom hinge. Part #240311303 Search ebay or Amazon, I just paid $2.42. Simply remove the 3 screws on top of the unit at the top door hinge and lift the door up and off the lower hinge. If the gasket is wrinkled try smoothing it with the low setting on a blow dryer. Keep the heat moving or you will melt the gasket. They melt quick so keep at least 6" away and moving. I will use a putty knife against the gasket between the gasket and blow dryer. The knife will get warm and shape the gasket. Any tears in the gasket are not repairable. You will need your model number to order new gaskets. I hope this helps you solve the water issues.

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