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The Essential Phone is Essential's first-generation smartphone, released in August 2017. It is available in black moon, stellar white, stellar grey, and ocean depth colors.

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SIM Card not recognized after drop

I dropped my phone last night, and now it thinks it doesn't have a sim card. How can I fix this? I've tried restarting it, but it cannot make calls, texts, or go online.

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Actually, the ejectable sim tray had popped out part way and hadn't seated properly shut again. Problem solved!


Dropped my phone and was super bummed . Came across this and it worked . You’re a life saver brotha , good thinking . Thanks G 🤙🏽


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if the sim card is not reading, there is a high likelyhood something got damaged in the drop. either the sim reader itself, or, more likely, the logic circuit for the sim reader.

if you replace the sim tray, and it doesnt fix the issue, then the logic circuit is failing, and that would need to go.

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I solved this same issue, this might work for you too. Shut off your phone. Pop out the SIM card and place it on a thick piece of paper, use an exacto-knike to cut an outline of the SIM card on the paper. You can also draw an outline with a pen/pencil of the SIM and cut the outline. Try to be as precise as possible and dont exceed the outline, trim excess if needed. Then place the paper cutout in the SIM tray, place the SIM above the cutout on the SIM tray and pop it back in. Turn on your phone and you should get signal. If the SIM cant be popped back in, use a thinner paper, likewise, if this solution doesn’t work, test it out with a thicker paper/multiple layers of thin paper.

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Worked for me perfectly !! Many thanks !’


Like which side should the paper be on the gold side or white side with numbers


It works again thanks so much :)


Wow. This actually worked. However, the way this is written implies you put the paper below the sim card in the tray. doing that you're blocking the contact points. the paper goes ABOVE the sim card, I assume this presses it down further. Thanks for this tip, though. Saved me a thousand bucks for now.


This worked on my iPhone 13! Amazed! Paper goes on bottom of sim card on iPhone.


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i just wiggle my sim card in and out and continue to turn my phone on and off

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This worked for me - brilliant


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