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The Ninja Professional Blender 1100 watt model BL663CO, is a high-performance blender used for ice crushing, blending and pureeing.

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Bl770 1500watt circuit board diagram

Help! I am in Africa and electronic parts are available...I just cannot find a circuit board diagram for my 1500w... the US blender was plugged into SA 220 outlet ( first was my fault as the step down converter wasn't powerful enough) I repaired the resistor and used it a year with the proper step down and a houseguest zapped it. The motor is still fine but the resistor and possibly something else needs to be replaced and they are too burnt to tell the correct item. I tried the one for the 1100w you have posted nj600 and it simply blew in 2 seconds. I need a picture or a new board? Ninja, and understanbly so, will not help for legal reasons. But now Im emotionally invested and want to repair this one. Also customs and shipping equal the price of a blender from another country so I either repair it, pay the same amount as a ninja for a lower quality blender, or improve my hand blending skills.

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Hi t

the exact same thing happen to me and I need to replace the varistor MOS but can't find the reference. It will be really helpful of you could share it so I can repair my ninja.

Thanks in advance.

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I never did find the schematic. I gave up so I simply bought a broken one with a good board onn Bay when I was back in the United States and replaced it. Sorry can't help.


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