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iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular, model no. A1475. Available in Space Gray or Silver, with 16/32/64/128 GB configurations.

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iPad Air won’t charge/stays at 3% after digitizer replacement


Yesterday I replaced a busted digitizer on my iPad Air. Checked to see if everything was working properly before seating the digitizer, except for seeing if it charged properly.

So I plugged it in to the correct charger and have had no luck getting it to charge properly. It’s been plugged in for 10 hours and the highest it got was 5%, dropping back to 2% within 5 minutes, then cutting off very shortly after.

I’ve read very limited posts referring to a filter on the battery that acts as a ‘gas gauge’ if you will. FL7500 or some sort. Regardless, I’m failing to find any how-to or work-around for this issue and I need to get this resolved ASAP as I use this iPad for work constantly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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FL7500 is a filter on the BATT_SWI line. This line communicates the battery condition to the CPU so if it was damaged or dislodges, it could cause issues with the charging. I would closely inspect the area around the battery connector to see if anything is wrong. Missing components will require a microsoldering repair.

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It might be possible that a capacitor or filter was damaged when discounting the cables for the digitizer. Sometimes what happens is if the battery wasn't disconnected when parts are being disconnected, parts could be damaged especially when the device is accidently turned back on. Check around the areas around the cables that you disconnected. If anything there would be very small shiny components that could be round on the board. If you see any lose, that will be the problem. But I'm not a board guy so I'm not completely sure on this but from previous experiences, that's what it sounds like.

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