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D1760-2 DECT 6.0 Cordless Home phone with caller ID.

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I can ring out, but can't receive any calls in?

I have just had NBN connected.

Phone won't accept incoming call but we can dial out. Handset displays "check Tel LIne"

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The red light is on When I press the dial button I get a loud single tone screaming in my ear. Other people can’t phone me and I can’t phone them without a dial tone.


Hi @mmora9 ,

What is the make and model number of the phone if it is not a Uniden 1760?

Is the phone's base station connected to a modem (phone service over internet connection) or is it connected to a telephone cable socket on a phone cable coming into the house?

What signal indication do callers get when they call your number, ringtone signal, busy tone signal, recorded announcement or nothing at all then perhaps busy after a while?


Red light on handset will not stop flashing I can ring out but not receive incoming calls


red light on handset will not stop flashing Cannot receive incoming calls Uniden DECT6.0



Do you have a voicemail service activated for the phone service?

If so, have you listened to your voicemail messages. Once you have listened to them the red light (message indicator) should clear.

if you don't have a voicemail service or you have and it still hasn't cleared the light after reviewing your messages, you can manually clear the light by the following actions:

With the phone in standby, open the menu and select Global Setup; select VMWI Reset, then select Yes.

With regards to i/c calls not being received:

1. What indication do you get when you call your phone number from another phone? Ringing Tone, Busy Tone, Voice Announcement etc.

2. What do you get when you call your number from the DECT 6.0 phone? You should get a busy signal as you are calling yourself. If you get ringing tone then perhaps the number that you are calling from is NOT the same number as you are calling.

How are you connected to your phone service provider, landline or NBN? The reason I ask is because the original question on this page concerned an NBN (Australia) connection problem


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HI @cardaw01 ,

What happens when you press the Menu/Select button on the phone when you reach the Global Setup Menu?

If you have a Uniden D1760 phone (is this your model?) there should be at least 6 further options to scroll down (up?) through, including VMWI reset.

Here's a link to the user manual for the phone. Scroll to p.7 to view the list of options or p.13 to view the reset procedure shown under Voice Message Notification

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I have a Uniden DECT 6.0. I think I found the VMWI and just realised the Menu is the Select button… I still get the beeps before dial tone and the red light is still flashing on all handsets. The beeps are fast, like there is a message eventhough we don’t have answering system on this phone


Hi @cardaw01 ,

The beeps may in fact be a stuttering dial tone to indicate that a voicemail service has been activated on your phone service.

If you are in Aust. and have connected to Telstra via the NBN, the Messagebank (voicemail) service has been activated by default.

If you wish to retain Messagebank you may have to set itup to suit your needs and hopefully after this the red light will cease. Dial 101 from the phone and follow the prompts.

To cancel the Messagebank service you need to call Telstra 132200


Thanks but we are in New Zealand. Why would it have activated suddenly after having these phones for 12 months or more?


Hi @cardaw01 ,

Perhaps there was a change in the way your service was connected from the provider to your premises (which you may not have been aware of or even had to be made aware of, upgrade of technology at their end perhaps, I don't know, and suddenly the facility was provided as a default facility. This is speculation on my part but it happened here on switchover to the NBN (at least we knew about the change but not the facility upgrade) where you had no choice whether to switchover or not, only a choice of which telco to use

You'd have to check your service provider's website on how to activate the service and if it wasn't done by you then you'd have to contact your provider and find out when and why it happened and then decide if you wish to keep it or not (depending on the cost, usually it is free to you but all calls will now be answered by voicemail after a delay time which can be set by you, if you don't answer them first and this means the caller will be charged for the call even if they don't leave a message - good money maker for the telco ;-)


Thank you. I'll check it out tomorrow!


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Hi @mags41 ,

Call your number from another phone e.g. mobile phone, and check what tone signal you get in the calling phone if your phone doesn’t ring.

Do you get ringtone, busy tone, voice announcement etc?

If you get a ringtone signal in the calling phone, whilst it is still “ringing” in the calling phone try to answer the call on the called phone in the normal manner and check if there is a connection between the two phones i.e ringtone stops in the calling phone and you can talk between the two phones

This is only to prove that there may be no ringing current being sent from the NBN modem in your premises but the call is there OK.

If you can connect OK then there is a problem with the NBN modem in the premises. Contact your ISP/phone service provider about the problem

If you get a dial tone instead when you try to answer the call try the following:

If you are a Telstra internet and phone customer dial 1272 2123 from the phone and check if the number repeated back to you is your phone number. (This is a dialling code for a number check to see what number is connected to the line. Be patient as it takes a few moments to repeat the number back).

If it is your number then there is a problem with either the modem or the ISP phone connection somewhere, contact Telstra customer service.

If it is not your number then again contact Telstra customer service as you are using someone else’s number.

If your internet and phone service are provided by another service provider, try calling the same number as above from the phone and check if the number is your number or not. Not sure if this number works with other service providers but if not then contact the internet/phone service provider that you have.

If you get a busy signal or a voice announcement when you call your number from another phone, contact your internet/phone service provider about the problem.

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If you checked all the cables and they are connected firmly, then reboot the gateway. If this doesn't resolve the the issue, then contact the telecom that services your NBN (i.e. Telestra?). The issue may be on their end.

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What does reboot the Gateway mean??, The question was "How to fix the message displayed on the telephone, it is NOT in the owners manual"


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If your phone runs through your router just make sure the phone line is plugged into the router correctly.

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@milesballaam ,

What is the make and model number of the phone?

Has this phone / phone service setup worked OK before or is it a new setup, either phone or NBN connection?

If a new NBN connection, what is the make and model number of the modem that the phone's base station is connected to?

Can you plug a corded phone (or another known working OK portable phone) into the modem's phone port and see if it works OK on an incoming call?

Can you make successful outgoing calls, i.e. calls do not drop out?

Is the incoming call that is disconnected on answer from someone you know and you have to call them back etc i.e. have you got CND (calling number display facility)?

If not do they call again and the same thing happens or what happens?

If you have CND are all incoming calls behaving this way or only some and if only some are they always from the same number or numbers e.g. does this happen if you call your landline number from a mobile phone for instance?

All these questions are just trying to isolate whether it is a phone base station/handset problem or perhaps a modem or phone service provider problem or even the possibility of nuisance calls

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I had this problem, being newly connected to the NBN. I could ring out on my landphone but it didn’t ring for incoming calls.

I simply swapped the phone cable at the modem and plugged it into the second phone plug on my new NBN modem. Now calls are coming to my landphone.

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Hi @rosinbel ,

If you check the settings in the modem you will find that the phone line settings were most probably set correctly for the 2nd port and not the 1st.

Check the modem's user guide , for how to access the modem's UI (user interface).


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