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Cnc controller will not send voltage to stepper motors .

I have a tb6600 4axis controller that isn’t working . I bought off of ebay and wired everything up and I get no movement from stepper motors . I’m looking for someone to repair the board or at least test it for me . I need any help at this point I have checked all the components on the board and can’t find the problem .

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just joined and saw your question unanswered.

I find it is a careful process configuring your application to suit your router.

1. Can you verify your cnc application is correctly configured ?

Use a breadboard / breakout board with a male and female db25 on each end.

Pins define -

LPT pins Pin symbols Functions

1 PWM 0-10V output control

2 STEPX X axis pulse

3 DIRX X axis direction

4 STEPY Y axis pulse

5 DIRY Y axis direction

6 STEPZ Z axis pulse

7 DIRZ Z axis direction

8 STEPC C axis pulse

9 DIRA C axis direction

10 LIMIT-1 LPT input signal 1

11 LIMIT-2 LPT input signal 2

12 LIMIT-3 LPT input signal 3

13 LIMIT-4 LPT input signal 4

14 ENABLE_ALL All axis enable input

15 LIMIT-5 LPT input signal 5


17 RELAY Relay control

18-25 GND Common GND for PC

Test with a logic probe (test light) or meter

using your controller program EMC2, etc

reset all axis

is pin 14 enable-all true?

step each axis in each direction and see if signals are correct at the breakout board


toggle each limit switch and test signals

Next check the signals at the motor connectors

(do not disconnect motors while power is on)

I gave up on parallel/serial port controllers and now use a usb controller running GRBL using separate micro stepping drivers, open source, runs on Arduino, much better.

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