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Has anyone managed to open their device yet?

I've toyed around with it a bit, and managed to unclip a couple of the clips on the sides in between the plastic and the fabric area, but don't want to apply too much pressure, due to the risk of things breaking, and the one or two clips that come un-done aren't enough to allow the unit to open. Has anyone managed to successfully open their unit yet?

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Need to peel off the 'orange' rubber bottom. There are 4 torcs screws under there. Will need to apply a lot of heat to soften the adhesive


You can also just brute force rip the rubber off, or cut 4 holes to access the screws if you can find them. With the 4 hole technique, you can access the innards at will.


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The solution is here: Just get the bottom of the device *REALLY* hot.

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For your reference.

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