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The BLU Vivo XL was released in January 2016 as part of BLU's budget line of smartphones.

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How to properly insert Micro SD card

OK ,lol...I am so frustrated. I recently purchased the Blue Vivio XL 2. I am only using one Sim card. My TMobile Sim fits fine and is recognized by the device. However,I purchased an SD card at Staples. I tried to figure out how to put the SD card in with the Sim. It is definitely the correct Sim card. The SD card the guy said would fit the phone best is made by PNY. It is the PNY16 GB Micro SD Class 4 Flash memory card. First of all,Is this guy right? Because no matter how hard I try I can not get the SD card in right. It tends to slip out of place when I am inserting the tray back into the phone. And my phone is not recognizing the SD card when I do as carefully as possible get it in. The guy at Staples said," You need to put the white outer border back on the Sim card before you insert it and then put in the Micro SD card" But with the border on the Sim card is too big to fit. . I believe this phone Sim card is a Nano Sim card. Is he right? Ok so now he has put it all back together for me. And when I go to my settings,advanced settings ,Storage and USB I still cannot transfer anything to my SD card????? Ughhh, do I need to change something in my settings? Help! I need the extra storage...??????

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try formating the card if you havnt already.

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I have absolutely no clue how to do that. I spoke to tech support at BLU just now and she told me to check the Micro SD card in another phone to see if it works on a different device?? I do not have another phone.. Then she said to do the FAT 32 on my computer but I am clueless?? This micro SD card just cane out of a sealed package brand spanking new and so did the two before thus one and this phone recognized none of them. She is sending me email instructions on how to do a Hard Reset?? Of the phone. But I will lose everything?? Ughhhh


I am beginning to regret my choice of phones. Don't have money to purchase another. Is there an app for free cloud storage in the Google Play store? Because I am just at my wits end...and not tech savvy enough to format an SD card in my computer. My phone is essential for my job. And it doesn't have enough memory....


Just wanted to thank both Shawn and Alex for their help. I fixed the issue guys. The supposed tech support sakes guy at Staples had out the SD card in wrong. Plus I noticed that after all the taking the Sim card and SD card in and out the contacts were not clean on either. I used an old trick my Dad taught me and carefully cleaned all contacts with a pencil eraser,then proceeded to put both back in the tray the correct way and Bingo!! My SD card was finally recognized! Now I have another issue...lolol. But seriously,thank you guys so much!! I really appreciate it....


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