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Model A1419 / EMC 3070 / Mid 2017 / 3.4, 3.5 or 3.8 GHz Core i5 or 4.2 GHz Core i7 Kaby Lake Processor (ID iMac18,3) / Retina 5K display. Refer to the older iMac Intel 27" Retina 5K Display (Late 2014 & 2015) guides as the system is very similar.

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Can 2015 5k panel fit to 2017 5k, is the same?

Hello, is the imac 27" 2015 lcd panel can fit to 27" 2017, is everything the same, connectors?

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They don't appear to be the same part:

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Yes, but and late 2014 and late 2015 don't appear to be the same part, but they are, and becouse of that I think to maybe it's same


Don't get confused! The physical specs of the display is the same for sure! Both are 5K

But, the signaling may not be. Consider the fact these displays have different NITs brightness. So the backlight is clearly different. Are you going to blow the backlight driver logic?


I learned the hard way that there are minor differences in these displays that cause issues. For example, the same part number LCD panel for a Late 2014 27" iMac but with a "C1" revision (late 2015) rather than "B1" (Late 2014) meant that the display would only run in 4K on the Late 2014 iMac. I figured putting a newer display on an older iMac would be fine, and not so much. I have no idea what would happen putting a 2015 display panel on a 2017 iMac. Remember for 2017 they overhauled the iMac to give it a full desktop grade GPU chipset, rather than the mobile chipsets of the past. I would have to imagine that comes with changes to firmware, and possibly connectors/pinouts as well.


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