Released July 2016, identified by model number A2017U

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Why half of the screen is not working properly and how to fix it?

Why half of the screen is not working properly and how to fix it?

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I suddenly droped my phone and now, My screen was not working :( sucks. :( My half screen is not working and the half is working.


Thanks it worked perfectly..!!!

Half of my screen went black

I turned it off and put it on and it worked.



Half of my screen in not working and certain letters, what I’m doing rn is holding down my emoji key and switching it to one side. Does anyone know how to fix that?


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my guess is that it is either a screen rotation glitch which should be fixed by turning the phone off and back on, or the screen is dieing and you should see if the phone is under any kind of warranty. if not then look for a replacement screen but i got a feeling that it is just a screen rotation glitch

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