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Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Seven, released Summer 2013. Model Number: TB300-2219-01. Compatible with the XBox One and mobile platforms. Taking apart the headset is relatively easy and beginners should have no problems.

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How do I replace the headband?

I've replaced the ear-pads as per your guide but I bought a replacement headband as well and I can't really figure out how to replace that. Do you have any tips?



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It is such a pain, I probably wouldn't have done it if I knew the amount of work involved...

You have to completely disassemble one side, pull the wires through, and resolder the wires back to the board.

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If you are considering going through the headache, and are comfortable with the level of work involved, I can write up how to do it for you.


Can you post a guide at all mate?



I would also like to have some idea of this prior to the disassembly. I have the parts in hand now and would like to have a general idea of how to not muck things up.


That's what i thought i had to do. Just recently purchase the headband to repair and i saw that is the only way. Maybe this is the part where they should have put snap connectors lol.


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