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The Kenmore Elite HE3 is a washing machine by Kenmore.

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Please Help! Why won’t it drain?

Thanks in advance for reading this.

I’ll start from the top.

Originally my washer showed a 0E code which means drain error. So I checked hoses, pulled the pump looking for a baby sock or something. I found nothing. Scooped out the water restarted a cycle, it worked perfect. It worked fine 2 more times, the same 0E code came up. I ordered a drain pump motor replaced it, and bam same error code. This time it’s almost slam full of water. I couldn’t even open the door. So just for the heck of it I skipped some cycle steps and went for the drain and just like that it drained perfect. So I started it up on a 9 minute cycle and and got all the way down to 1 minute and stayed there. Powered it off and started another cycle it made it to 6 minutes and stayed there and it was back full of water. So my question is could it be the control panel bad. If you read the 0E code it states that the washer is went 10 minutes without detecting draining so if it’s stuck on a specific time and the wash cycle it wouldn’t get to the drain time frame. Then maybe after 10 minutes it throws the code?? Please help

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Colby, how did you fix this? I have the same problem. Pump and drain are fine, but control system seems to not turn on the pump at the correct times, and it gets stuck on a cycle without advancing, eventually pushing the OE code. When it does run, it seems like the water level is getting too high, and some water coming out of the top overflow hole in the back. Forcing the drain cycle using a "no spin" 1 minute code to run it pushes all the water out no problem. Everything else seems to be working fine.


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I had the same issue. All I did was pull out the trap at the bottom front and clean it out. It was full of screws, tie wraps, and other small crap. Caused it to throw codes and not drain. hope this helps

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