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Repair and device guides for the 2016 Samsung Galaxy J5 smartphone, model SM-J510FN.

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Accidently dropped phone in water

Well i don't know if you can fix this but as I was watching and taking a bath (I know stupid idea) my phone fell in the water because it slipped of the water and it was still alive but I couldn't control it and I to check if the battery was ok,and it was but my back cover was kinda broke (It was plastic) and I could see it that I got so lucky that I could of died because the phone was still on and then I inmidiently left the bath and dyed it and when I dried it, I couldn't touch the screen so someone please help me solve this problem,

Thank You

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Most likely display touch might not work again until the phone main board is ultrasonic cleaned, connectors cleaned and checked out by a mobile technician. Likely needs a new display installed..hopefully that is the only issue after a good cleaning. I mainly do screen replacements so maybe someone else has some good info.

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Ok, first put it in rice over night and maybe a few hours in the morning. If it still doesnt work, get a new battery(whipe out extra water that might still be in their before insentering the battery tho)

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