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Windows 10 is a major version of the Windows operating system. It was released in 2015.

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Windows 10 Key reverted..?

Okay so my Windows 10 Key reverted..?

No idea what happened here.

I bought a laptop, it had Windows 10 Home on it.. so I bought a key to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro.

The laptop's keyboard borked over, so I formatted and returned the laptop to the shop and got a new one..

My new laptop is Win10 Home as prior, I tried to use my 10 Pro key.. but it says it's in use..

So I call Microsoft.. and they tell me that my Key is Windows 8 Pro.. NOT 10.. what in the world happened? :f

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You can use different kinds of @ctiv@tors to activ@te your windows.

you can download it from the following site:


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If you already used the Windows 10 key to upgrade. Then you changed to a different laptop, you need to get a new key. Digital entitlement is unfortunately non transferrable and most keys are locked to a single machine. Since you changed machines you cannot use the existing key on the new machine. About the key being for Windows 8, sounds like the Microsoft representative made a mistake, but either way, if the key was used, you need a new one.

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Funny enough I ran it through a PID checker and the key is actually Windows 8 PRO believe it or not.. :f

Seriously no idea what has happened. I guess it only allows the upgrade once, then it reverts..?


The only other explanation is when you used the key, it was during the free upgrade period. You are (or were) able to activate Windows 10 with Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 keys). I don't know if this is still the case. Either way, the key is locked to a particular machine once used. You still probably need a new key.


You can still upgrade to windows 10 for free using the windows assistive technologies option.


Yes, there are many strange rumors on that one. I try not to push it as some say after a certain date, you have to prove disability, or the actual disability services must remain on to use it if you activate it this way. The other is if you do abuse this offer, Microsoft will take it away. When was the last time a good thing lasted when it was not abused? But you missed the fact that the Windows 8 key is needed to upgrade to Windows 10. However, the upgrade was already used up for the old machine.


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