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MacBook Pro models with a 15" display

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Dent fixing, maybe gTool iCorner?

Anyone used gTool iCorner before band had any luck repairing dents from case of macbooks?

I know it says its for iphones and ipads but thought id ask

Update (09/11/2017)

Can you direct me to alternative tools??

Below is images of the damage. Customer dropped the laptop so the back cover doesnt close properly now

Block Image

Block Image

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ouchy going to have to think on this one a bit ;-)


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Those tools may be nice but are high dollar. There are other alternatives I use but, if you would please post a couple of photos so we're on the same page as to what type of damage it is.

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Did you have alternatives to recommend? My girlfriends laptop is now in the same condition as the above photo since a drop and I'm looking to fix it. Other than the back end of a spanner and a hammer, do you have any tools designed for the purpose in mind?


We shaped a piece of hard wood (ebony) to match the interior curve. We pull it all apart, use the block and a couple of jewelers hammers to help straighten it out. It will never look undamaged but with a lot of time and careful hammering, you can it back to a working condition.


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