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Fourth generation Honda Civic

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break bleeding on my 90 Honda civic

how do I properly bleed my 90 Honda civic breaks?

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Being a '90 model probably doesn't have ABS.

You can either do it with 2 ppl or 1. If just 1 person you need something like visibleed system. visibleed

Then take off the top of your brake fluid reservoir, top up if necessary. (keep an eye on the fluid level) If your reservoir is on your cars right side, go to the left rear wheel, and visa versa. Always start from the furthest away. Pop your visibleed on (it will have instructions), put the free end in a jar, crack the bleeder nipple about a 1/4 of a turn, just enough for fluid to come out of the bleeder but not enough for it to squirt everywhere.

Go to your brake pedal, pump it roughly 5 times. Check the fluid level and top up if needed. Now go to the back again and check your bleeder line, if nothing in it, crack the nipple a bit more. What you will most likely see though, is dirty fluid. If it is yellow or green it will be almost black or brown. Once no air bubbles are in the line, or new fluid is present. You can tighten that one up and move to the right rear, do the same, move to the front left, repeat. Then finally move to the front right and again repeat.

All lines should now be bled and free of air, and or have new fluid going through them. At no point can you allow the fluid level to get empty. As you'll have to bleed the master cylinder then.

With two people it is roughly the same. Except one person stays in the car and pumps the brake pedal. While the other moves about with a plastic hose in a bottle, always have the bottle with about 1/3rd of brake fluid in it, so it doesn't suck air. The wheel person will shout pump, and stop. When they think it is free of air. They also check the fluid levels.

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