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The Nintendo DSi is the third iteration in the Nintendo DS line, and made its debut in Japan in late 2008.

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DSi won't power on, blown fuse?

Okay, so I bought a broken DSi on Ebay that looks like it was fed to a dog. anyway it won't power up. I tested the battery on my working DSi and confirmed that its not the battery. The weird thing is the amber light doesn't even show so I don't know if its a blown fuse. Additionally the charging socket looks all gummed up on the inside so I know that needs to be replace and could be preventing the system from charging, but the battery (when charged) doesn't seem to be giving it juice. Could the Charging jack prevent the system from turning on (this thing won't even blink a light)?

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Remocleus, it sure sounds like problem in the main board and COULD be caused by blown fuses like F1 and F2.It is most likely a blown F1 fuse. Test them both just to be sure. Each fuse is labeled on the PCB board as such. All you'll need to do is bridge the contacts with a bead of solder. Of course it also sounds like your DSi could use some cleaning, so use some isopropyl alcohol and scrub the board down and make sure that you also clean the battery contacts thoroughly Make sure all the ribbon cable are connected and that all the connections are clean especially the ribbon cable to the top screen since it can cause a fault like yours as well Good Luck

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Yeah I figured it was a fuse (I did my homework), I know its not the ribbon cable b/c it would of at least flashed, but I think the dog was chewing on the jack while it was charging and blew the fuse on the motherboard :(. I'v heard that its a lost cause if the motherboard F1 fuse is blown, but there was a guy was was attempting to replace his F1 with a similar IC. but then on ebay I found actual replacement fuses for it- so I believe if you have the soldering skills and the circuitry know-how you could salvage your motherboard. So my dad is going to help me solder that and a broken charging socket. Thanks for the reply though.


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