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This is a Panasonic DMC-ZS8 digital camera. On this page you will find how-to-guides on how to fix and replace componets such as the front panel, the mounting bracket, the battery door, the screen panel, and the front lens.

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Lumix DMC-ZS8 problem for photo to be taken

How do I turn off GPS? I think it might be the reason I have to press so hard and long for the camera to take a photo.

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There should be an option in the camera menu to disable GPS. However, that may not be the problem with your camera. Do you notice that it only takes a long time to take a photo in darker environments? Does it take a long time taking photos in any kind of lighting? If it takes a while to take the image on "ia" setting in any lighting environment, GPS is probably not your problem.

Here are some other reasons to why your camera is taking a while to take the photo.

1)Your camera is writing slow to the SD card because you did not format the SD card within the camera. Formatting the SD card within the camera is critical to the operation of the camera. If you rely on whatever format is on the sd card to initialize in the camera, you will get lackluster performance and sometimes data loss (image wont be taken at all). I highly suggest pulling all your data from your sd card to your computer and formatting the sd card within the camera. Then start using your camera with the newly in-camera formatted sd card.

2) your sd card is too old. If you are using a 256mb sd card from the early 2000s it is possible that it is too slow for your camera.

3)Your sd card is too slow. If you notice a "recording has been stop because of the write speed of the card" during video recording it is likely that your SD card is just too slow for your camera.

4) your camera is set to manual mode and your exposure is set wrong. If the shutter is set to 1" or 1second, the shutter is allowing in too much light and taking a while to take the photo

I think option #1 may be the source of your problems. Also, keep in mind that panasonic gives you the option of adjusting or disabling the image preview after an image is taken. This makes the image taking process faster from a user perspective because you are not waiting that fraction of a second for image playback before taking the next image.

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