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Model A1204 / 1 or 2 GB capacity

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will not hold a charge

have 2 of the pink ones...we charge them but they will not hold the chargs....the green light goes on for a few seconds and then off...can these be saved?

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as rab777hp said, it sounds like a dead battery - they don't last forever unfortunately.

there is a teardown for the iPod shuffle 2nd generation, here

unfortunately replacing the battery requires soldering, but if you can find a replacement battery and know how to solder, it should not be difficult to do it yourself

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Sounds like a simple bad battery, unfortunately iFixit does not carry this part, you'll have to look elsewhere, such as here on amazon for the part. Doesn't look like iFixit has an installation guide either.

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tHanks rab777hp! will anoher batteri from different phone work?


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