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The ZTE ZMax Pro is identified by its black color, rear fingerprint sensor and its model name, Z981, which can be found under the rear case.

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phone speaker volume extremely low even with volume up to maximum

external speaker barely audible with volume control up to max. Can't hear phone calls, media or ringtones or alarms. just started this problem a few days ago. phone is barely a year old if that. Z981 from MetroPCS

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After increasing all volumes to max and still low hearing then Clean the small slot on the face of the phone at the top. Just besides the selfie camera. First rub with damp cloth and with a dry cloth hard. This is your call speaker. Bottom of the phone is media speaker.


Thank you so much! I thought I needed a new phone!


@longtall Thank you! This really helps a lot !! :D


You're the best. It worked


Bull Hockey. First Reboot Your Phone. Then Adjust Volumes A Few Times Until Sound Previews Are At Full Volume.


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check the speakers are clear they often get dirt or lint in them from your pocket and it kills the volume same can happen to the mic

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How do I do that


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if after all the things you tried then its time to buy some ifix it tools and order a new speaker part and replace old with new and see if it works.

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it's my phone. has no volume at all it's on high as it can go and my phones speaker dos not working


im not buying a new one


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Mobile speaker skeling and speaker power

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