WiFi and pairing will not work

I cannot pair my IPhone 6 to my GoPro 3 Black. Also when I push the WiFi button on the left side of my camera the blue light does not flash so consequently I cannot pair my camera with my supplied fob. Can someone please give me a clue as to what is going on?

My IPhone 6 in settings/bluetooth will not even give me a chance to do anything, it just continues showing me the working dial that it is trying to connect. On the back of my camera on the LED display it says "No WiFi" I push the button on the side and it does not change. I cannot get Wifi" on my Camera. I have to use the camera manually when taking pictures.

Oh and I have tried different SD cards and new batteries and downloading the update numerous times. Oh and the camera has never been wet or dropped.

The Support team at GoPro has not been able to figure it out. They have had me jumping through all the hoops with updates, SD cards, on and offs, basically everything but standing on my head.

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