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4k Screen & youtube Playback.

Hi i have a K501UX laptop which has a 4k screen and the screen resolution in set to 3840x2160 as we know that is 4k.

The problem is on youtube where videos will only playback for me upto 1440p i don't understand why i can't get the 4k version to play, when i know the video im playing is available in 4k.

Can anyone help me with this please?

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@capricorndog if this only happens on youtube then it is not a hardware/repair issue. Check your settings.

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Hi oldturkey03,

Thanks for your answer i decided to reinstall windows and all drivers from asus website now it works perfectly.


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You may check the frame rate and color settings, eg it may play 4K in 30fps or less, you can't play 10-bit color on a 8bit TV...

YouTube also plays back 4K using the VP9 codec or HEVC codec, which is really only available in Chrome, and it gobbles battery power and CPU and if it’s too slow, it may be switched to a lower resolution. Youtube may downgrade the 4K videos to 1080P HD for smaller file size, less memory or faster streaming speed, etc.

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