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The Canon EOS Rebel XS, is an entry level DSLR released on the 10th of June 2008.

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Where can I get a reflector mirror part for my camera?

The reflector mirror shattered and I need to replace it, but don't know where to buy this part. As other companies ask a fee just to send it away and then the cost come for the repair. I want to try and cancel the extra cost by doing the repair myself. Can you help?

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The mirror is a custom part for your camera. Often they are epoxied to a frame and the whole part needs to be replaced. Even if the mirror is clipped it in you'll need to order the part from Canon.

There is a bit of alignment involved so the image is true and in focus. Frankly, this is delicate repair! Are you sure the savings is worth the risk of more damage? I would look for a local Canon authorized service center or ship it to them and pay the higher cost knowing it will be done correctly and if there is a problem they are on the hook to repair it.

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