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The Tiida(Versa) hatchback and the Tiida Latio sedan debuted in 2004 in Japan, and in select European countries in 2007.

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What could be wrong No Codes?

Please help me. I am 66 years old grandmother and on social security and my other car the mechanic over charged me every time I was at his mercy. About a month ago for no reason I decided to put some fuel injector cleaner in my gas tank. I had just purchased the car from another lady and wanted to make sure the gas was fine. I have had zero problems with the car ran great. About two weeks ago that how long my car has been not running I was taking my friend home and the gas light came on. It was late at night so I decided to get gas the next day. I usually park underneath the carport but they were all taken so I had to park out in the apt drive way. The next day it was over 95 degree's and I got in it about 4 pm to go get gas and go to the grocery store. It started fine. Backed out fine drove fine until I was half way out of the apt parking lot. it didn't quit running I was just giving it gas and the gas pedal was not giving it no gas. so I could only drive about 5 mils an hour because the car was idled up that high I guess like if your food is off the break it will move forward. So I get to the store and get gas and it started fine and drive fine all the way to the store just down the street. It drove fine but half way to my apt it did it again the gas pedal when pushing on it as not giving any gas. It so again I let it go slow again into the parking lot. Now It will start go into reverse but when I put in drive the gas pedal acts like it is not giving the car any gas. Oh and there is no code well that is what this guy who my sister had look at it he did the manual code with the gas and the break but not the code reader. So then she has me get a wrecker and take it over to a shell station and I am so scared you know she is naive but said oh he is a wonderful mechanic. He claims he put a pedal throttle why I don't know and he said it is reading a whole lot of codes. That he thinks its the transmission. I know it has something to do with the gas are a sensor. But the ones who are offering me these suggestions are willing to help me. So here I sit no way to go anywhere cannot go to my doctor I might as well give up on life without a car I have no life. Any thoughts that you could give me I would be forever greatful Thank you my name is Judy.

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Take it to an AutoZone and get a free computer readout. Then you will be able to get a second opinion and have a much better idea of what needs to be fixed and not be at the mercy of a possibly fraudulent mechanic. Knowledge is power.

All this may be is a broken throttle cable, or the floor mat jammed under the gas pedal.

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Just a thought she mentioned it worked fine for a while after adding gas she also mentioned it was extremely hot out it could be that the gas cap is not venting properly and causing a vacuum in the tank which is inpeeding the gas flow. Try removing the gas cap and seeing if the car runs ok


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Judy, I'm going to be honest. I agree with the mechanic. So it really doesn't sound like the gas is the problem? Does it? If it goes in reverse and drives fine? It's getting gas. So when in drive, it's getting the gas, but the mechanical part of the tranny is not being able to move in the proper direction. Transmission work is pretty high on the list of difficult jobs and thus yields more money for you to pay, and the tech to collect. I apologize I can't give you an answer you want to hear about gasoline. My advice, given your situation, sell to someone who is willing to deal with this problem. Use money to buy a different car that doesn't have problems. Buy locally too, so you can bring to a repair garage you trust, and they can give the car a clean bill of health, before you buy

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