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The Kindle Fire HD 6 (model number PW98VM) is a six-inch economy tablet featuring two cameras, a speaker, and Amazon's Fire OS.

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I punctured the battery of my Kindle Fire HD 6 what should I do?

I was taking apart my kindle and accendently made a small punture. It started smoking as soon as I punctured it and took it outside immediately. It has stoped smoking as of now. So my question is can I transport it to dispose of it and what is the likelihood of it exploding/catching on fire? Would placing the battery in a Tupperware with the lid help? Because fire needs air to survive and Tupperware plus lid = short fire until air is gone. Right?

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When the battery goes it will burn through the Tupperware quickly . Best bet is metal bucket full of sand buried the battery in the sand if possible . also keep the windows down if the battery burns there is a lot of toxic smoke that can come from one battery. This may be a little overkill but its better safe than sorry. Hope this helps

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