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Popular laptop sold by HP. While it comes in many configurations, all models of this laptop have the same basic form factor. The numbers after G60 indicate the factory specifications of the laptop and who sold it.

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Why is my usb port not recognizing external hard drive?

hp g60 not recognizing external hard drive

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- check device manager in panel control maybe you have issue with some usb driver.

in hp support you can find your usb driver easy just depends right model and win version

- hard drive can be mac partitions so will be not recognized


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No worries, before you start thinking of having to spend money don't! Often times it is something simple enough so lets just dive in and start troubleshooting. If you have any questions or are unclear about something I say please just ask.

So there can be a couple of reasons as to why this happens.


  • Driver Issues
  • Incorrect Drive Format
  • Corrupted Drive
  • USB Port Malfunctioning


First and most common is a Driver issue. To best check this head on into your device manager. This can be accessed through a couple ways. Easiest would be to use your search bar on Win 8 / 10 and just search "Device Manager" without quotes. If however you are on Windows 7 or even Win XP still, you can access it by right clicking on "My Computer" or "Computer" and selecting, "Manage". If you are on Win 7 / XP then after right clicking Computer and Selecting Manage, you will need to navigate to "Device Manager" on the left hand side of the new window that pops on when you clicked Manage.

Now that you are in the device manager we can see lots of info about our system and it's all broken down into categories. Go ahead and look through the different Categories until you find your External Device. Once located we will be looking for an icon next to the name. What we are looking for exactly is either a Exclamation Point or Question Mark Icon next to the hardware in question (in this case your external HDD). If you are seeing a Question Mark then the device is not getting recognized due to a missing driver. However if you see an Exclamation Mark next to the device, then you already have a driver installed and there is an error with it. In this case uninstalling and reinstalling the latest driver for your device should fix the issue. Remember to restart your PC after installing drivers.

Moving onto a Corrupted Drive. When you connect your device to the laptop do you get a message that pops up saying device not recognized? Or does the device just not show up at all? Well if it is the first option, and you know its not because of a driver, than it may be due to a format not supported by windows. If your external drive does show up under "My Computer" or "Computer" then right click on it and select Properties. In the window that pops up there will be an area marked "File System:". If the name that follows is along the lines of:


  • NTFS
  • FAT32


Then your drive is a correct format and may be no good. Meaning you would need a new drive should recovery programs not work. However if the file system is something alone the lines of:


  • HFS+
  • exFAT


Then you have a Mac based File System and need to convert it to a windows based File System. But should you get some bad luck and the device not show up at all under "My Computer" / "Computer" then we may have to replace the drive. But before we talk about that make sure other USB devices (that you KNOW work) work in the SAME USB slot as you plugged your drive into. If the test device you use isn't recognized in that USB Port, then you know the USB Port is bad. If the test device does work, you know the problem lies with the External Drive.

Now before we start talking about spending money and replacing drives, we still have a few options to repairing drives. Repairing drives is a 50/50 chance of working and depends on things like user abuse, age of hardware, etc. Unfortunately if the drive had damage sectors in the hard drive, Windows would have asked you to repair it when plugged in.

Google is your best friend in this case. Go research "Hard Drive Repair Programs" and you can find a bunch. Do your research and stay smart when downloading new programs. I personally use HDD Regenerator and their website along with instructions on how to use the program, can be found here. If you need a free solution I have used EaseUS Partition in the past and that can be found here.

For the last possible issue, your USB Port. If it does turn out to be this, use a different port. If no other ports work / exist, then it is time to replace them. Guides on Google can be found for such things, but I doubt you will need them. If it should turn out to be your USB Ports, please reply and I will be glad to create a response on how to fix that.

Thanks a bunch for stopping into our wonderful community and asking for some assistance. I hope my answer was helpful and if you have questions or need assistance, just ask! I will be hear.

Best of wishes,


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i have 3 usb ports on my pavilion. there are two on the left, when I plug in the external hard drive, they do not respond at all. The 3rd is on the right and when I plug the hard drive in here, it lights up, the "mass storage device" shows up in the device manager...but the drive itself does not show up in windows. I know the drive is fine, because I have another pavilion and I plug it into that one and it works fine. Do i need to replace these?


When you plug other USB Objects into those ports do they not work as well? Or is it just the External Drive that does this? If it is just the drive, did you install any drivers on the other laptop that you didn't on this one, or perhaps uninstall some on this one that you did not on the other?

There are multiple reasons this can happen but we wanna troubleshoot first before you spend money. As of right now we may be able to fix it for free through the power of this awesome community.


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