screen goes black but still running

Mac 27" late 2009 (EMC 2374)

Mine is a late 2009 27" iMac running Sierra. Screen goes black like it's energy saver black screen. (except I disabled that, and the screensaver, etc) I know the computer is working except for the black screen because I am able to remote desktop in and everything is normal (except for the imac's screen)

It seems to come back if I sleep the computer (remote desktop / apple menu / sleep) and then click the mouse. The screen comes back on like nothing was amiss.

I tried an app: antisleep from the appstore but it's still happening.

I tried smcFanControl to crank up the cooling. Still happening.

I of course did all the usual pram, disk error checks, update OS, etc. Didn't help.

Seems a lot of people over the years have had this issue, but I've not seen one definitive answer. Just happened again while I was writing this... Still had remote desktop going on my laptop. No change on it. just a black screen on the iMac. Sleep and mouseclick brought it back... Weird. Also extremely annoying!

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boot in recover partition or usb install os x

if your screen keep going black probably your backlight is gone


The screen comes back perfectly if I sleep the computer and then wake it up. If it was the backlight wouldn't it be black all the time? I'll look closely tonight after dark as others have suggested.

I also tried a plugging an external display in using the mini display port and a vga cable I had. When the imac screen goes black, the external screen is left switched on, completely unaffected.


What OS X are you running?


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