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Repair guides and support for phones manufactured by Oppo Electronics Corp.

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Touch screen not respond

The touch screen works only in the recovery mode

I have done hard reset and still the problem !!?????

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My phone touch screen is working but display is not working what the problem with my phone


मेरे फोन का टच नहीं काम कर रहा है


My screen isn’t working at all but all bottons on the side are all workin


Oppo r831k touch not working


I'm using Oppo Reno 2z screen not responding


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If I'm not mistaken you navigate with the volume buttons and the power button in recovery mode so you don't use the touch screen . So the digitizer is not working so as you did not specify which oppo phone you have I canot direct you to a digitizer but you can find them on ebay or amazon . Oppo Phone Repair

This guide page will show screen replacement for 3 different oppo phones . Hope this helps

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I have oppo a37

My problem is there is no responding from touch screen at all ,so I tried to fix the problem with hard reset but it not help

When I was trying to do the hard reset i see touch screen Respond well but only in the recovery mode ,after reboot the phone to normal mode still the problem no responding from touch screen .


hi I am currently using f1s screen can’t be touch no response what will I do?


jimfixerir i just replace the lcd with frame the led lights lighten up the back buttons lighten but the screen doesnt work, it is still black but it rings there is a soundwhat might be the problem? for oppo f1s


ओप्पो a3s का टच नहीं काम कर रहा है


I am using oppo reno 6z 5g. The touchscreen was unresponsive. I tried hard reset but another problem arises. It opted me to enter my password. I cannot enter my password for the screen is still unresponsive. What will I do?


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Same issue here i cannot touch in recovery mode .

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