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The Dell XPS 15 9560 is a light weight, high-performance laptop released in 2017 that features a thin-bezel 15.6-inch screen with 4k resolution and a 7th Generation Intel Core i3-7100H.

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2017 xps 15 9560 replacing the 56wh battery with 97wh

does anyone have any information on the battery ?

i know that they should fit in the same chassis for the new 9560 model

i would like to know if anyone has a part number / price / website to buy the 97wh battery from

(preferably in the uk)

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My new 9560 didn't accept my old 9550's 84wh battery.

Dell has something in the bios preventing this.

I guess I have no choice but to order a new 97wh battery and see if it works.

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Did it work?


I would like to know as well, as I am thinking of doing the same.


@perttiv Thanks for your input. I am also planning to do something similar. I have a Precision 5510 (similar to XPS 15 9550) with the larger 84 Whr battery and a Precision 5520 (similar to XPS 15 9560) with a smaller 56 Whr. I was thinking about switching them so that I have a larger 84 Whr battery within the Precision 5520. There have been several BIOS updates till now.

Does it work for you now?


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Please note if you have a 2.5" hard drive instead of the m.3 or msata, you may not be able to install the 97wh as the battery is much larger.

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The 2.5 HDD caddy is empty , I don't have the model with the actual drive


wait a second, you have the model with the ssd and without the HDD but there is an hole inside the laptop where the HDD should be ? Therefore there is the smaller battery ? I thought that was an error on the website, because ( at least where I live) dell web site shows a configuration ( 8 Gb ram and 256 gb SSD i7) without the HDD but with the smaller battery ( from 97 to 56 ) if im not wrong ... Am I correct ? can you post a picture ? Can anyone help me ? Im sorry for any error im Italian.


I have the version with the half size battery that you talk about

8gb ram, 256gb m.2 ssd, HALF size battery (56WH)

and an empty hdd cage (without the sodding cable)

here is the service manual where you will see what it actually looks like

Go down to page 17 and you will see the layout, however the hdd tray is empty to the left hand side, there is just a metal bracket in its place


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